'Pop-up' lingerie set sale lingerie parade at Myer Brisbane City store

'Pop-up' lingerie set sale lingerie parade at Myer Brisbane City store.

Jasmin LillNews Corp Australia Network Share Share on vxvxc510 Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google Share on Reddit Email a friend ATTENTION shoppers - be prepared to find yourselves in the middle of a fashion show as "pop-up" lingerie set sale parades roll out at Myer's Brisbane City store.

The guerilla-style shows have secret time schedules and the first lingerie set sale will know about them is when bare-chested male models roll out a strip of carpet.Thumping music will back the 16 parades in Myer's Queen Street Mall store today before the models disappear into the crowd.

In pictures: 'Pop-up' lingeries modelsMore lingerie: A Victoria's Secret paradeJanene Vaughan spotted a rehearsal for the shows lingerie set sale while shopping with girlfriends yesterday morning."I was just looking at the shoes and then I saw those girls, and then I saw those boys and I thought 'hello!'," she said.

Ms Vaughan is in Brisbane for a friend's birthday party and said there was nothing like the parades back home in Kalgoorlie."We have the House of Target, Bras N Things lingerie set sale and that's about it," she said.Some shoppers thought the models were dummies yesterday while a few wide-eyed North Queensland Cowboy supporters hoped the idea catches on in Townsville.

Shopper Joel Blanch is in town for a mate's wedding and said he'd prefer to watch the parades in a throng of people."I was looking and I felt sort of like a pervert lingerie set sale because it was just us," he said."But if there were heaps of people standing around, I could get away with it."

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